More Watercolor Painting

There is just one more meeting for the watercolor class I’m taking at Merritt College so I’m especially pleased to have completed this painting on Friday.

Franki Kohler, Eggplant with shadow and reflectionThe painting began with the background using a wet-on-wet technique — the reverse of other paintings we’ve done — then the shadow, the reflection and the eggplant. The last application was a third layer of paint for the darkest portion of the shadow beneath the eggplant. Pablo called it a real success — but then, he’s the essence of patience and encouragement. Still, considering my goal of continued exposure to watercolor and training my eye to see the colors before me, I am rather pleased with this. I don’t think one would mistake this vegetable for anything but an eggplant and it does have a shadow and reflection. Goal met here.

I don’t think I’ll be taking the class next semester. I’m eager to turn my attention to fabric and a series I have in mind.

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18 Responses to More Watercolor Painting

  1. Linda Peterson says:

    a BEAUTIFUL eggplant, I love the stem end, in particular. My mother was a painter, and your lovely, gentle eye reminds me of her work. Very welcome in this cold December to know those gorgeous eggplants will be back in the spring…


  2. Marshall Cutting says:

    Goal met? OMG! Wonderful!

  3. jennyklyon says:

    I love Linda’s description-lovely, gentle eye. This is just beautiful Franki.

  4. Nancy Karigaca says:

    The eggplant looks fantastic to me! I grew Japanese eggplants once. There were very few of them, but they were so beautiful! I also signed up for that same class decades ago, but something major must have happened, because I didn’t get to take it. It may have been when when I did in my back.

    • The new semester begins in early January so you can try it again. I can’t say enough good things about Pablo, the instructor. He’s wonderful. You’ll learn a lot and have fun being challenged.

  5. Ann Waskey says:

    Beautiful. Very realistic.

  6. Beautiful – love the reflection.

  7. mtqg says:

    Franki, Your artistic talents and watercolor skills are very evident in this picture. Bravo for working so hard to improve your painting skills. Suggestion: See artist/watercolorist Mark Adams’s work!

  8. 379christy says:

    You have obviously done Pablo proud. Good on you!

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