Vintage Hawaiian Postcard

My friend Heather was in Hawaii for the Thanksgiving holiday and she mailed me a postcard made of wood with a vintage design. The design side:

Franki Kohler, Vintage Hawaiian PostcardAnd the address side:

Franki Kohler, address sideThe card is about 1/4″ thick so had no problem withstanding whatever the postal service dished out. I think the surfers on the address side are wonderful. Documentation on the bottom edge says it was made on Kauai and that the image is by Melinda Morey. I tried contacting both the manufacturer and the designer to get more information but was unsuccessful. I can only guess that the ocean view with the plane is the original — now vintage — design and that the surfers are by Melinda.

Heather knows that I am involved with Postmark’d Art, a group of artists from around the world who create and trade fabric postcards. The card is very charming but what is even more touching is that Heather thought of me while on vacation and mailed it!

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2 Responses to Vintage Hawaiian Postcard

  1. karenmusgrave2013 says:

    Fabulous! What a great addition to your collection!

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