Holidays and Hats

Why is it that many of us feel compelled to put hats on our pets during the holidays? A mystery, really.

Franki Kohler, Taylor says "A hat, really?"Here’s what Taylor really thinks:

So there!Make no mistake about it — Mendelssohn would rather have a nap than a hat.

Franki Kohler, Mendelssohn preferrs a napThey are both happy Christmas is over! Now, do I still have the black hats and silver noise makers?

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6 Responses to Holidays and Hats

  1. I must say a couple of patient dogs. They are very cute.

  2. 379christy says:

    Mendelssohn needs a sweater to go with that hat! He’d be so cute and warm.

    Thanks for sharing your zaniness.

  3. They usually look so happy, but somehow it isn’t coming through these pictures.
    Happy New Year Taylor and Mendelssohn. Maybe she won’t find the other hats.

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