I think it’s not so much a problem of lack of inspiration for sketching, it’s more a matter of being overwhelmed by everything that could be sketched. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it for now.

For this sketch I played with creating the background wash first. When it was dry I simply put my feet up and sketched. Click on image for larger view.

05-30 SketchThe Sketchbook Challenge uses themes as prompts to get the sketch going. I liked the theme HIGHLY PRIZED and sketched this in response.

06-01 SketchWhen the sketch was done I began jotting down — stream-of-thought — things that are part of my highly prized list.

What will your creative muse be today?

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6 Responses to Sketching

  1. 379christy says:

    So cool, Franki. I just love line drawings, especially yours!

  2. Sherry Boram says:

    Really love this one, Franki.

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