Quilting Sunflower Scrap VI

There have been unforeseen interruptions that kept me away from quilting this large piece. I last shared progress on it here.

Sometimes a long period away from a particular work can mean that new layers of inspiration have the time to fully develop. In fact, I’ve made a change to the original plan by adding 3 large full sunflowers and 2 large partial sunflowers quilted in navy blue. Click on the image for a larger view.

Back to quiltingI think these larger flowers add a great deal to the design. The background quilting is shaping up nicely.

detailI particularly like the overall peach glow that the thread is adding to this piece. That layer of color allows the large quilted leaves to be center stage.

So, it’s back to quilting!

This post has been shared with Off the Wall Friday. Go on over and take a peek at what these talented people are up to.

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4 Responses to Quilting Sunflower Scrap VI

  1. I love this ghost quilting. I’ve been looking at trying this since I went to Asilomar last year and just read an article in a quilting magazine showing this. Another thing on my busket list.

  2. mcooter3 says:

    The layer of colour makes a magical difference. Lovely!

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