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SAQA Auction a Success

309 art quilts were donated for the 2011 SAQA Auction, raising $52,100! I’d call that a raging success actually.  The funds raised through the Auction are critical to supporting SAQA’s exhibitions, catalogs and outreach programs. And I was lucky enough to be high bidder on Elemental Surprise by Janice McKeehan of Houston, Texas. I hope […]

Precious Metals

I couldn’t resist using the three metals — copper, silver and gold — that I just used for postcards in my next small quilt. I’ve just finished the quilting and I have it prepared to block. Since it’s just 14 inches square right now, it shouldn’t take long to dry. I’ve already decided that it […]

Fabric Postcard

Anyone who knows me understands that I am possessed with the ginkgo leaf. After years of using the image on postcards and quilts, I even planted a ginkgo tree last year. My own tree! My own leaves! And it’s autumn! But I digress…. Having just completed the second of two large quilts that will hang […]

Woodwardia Ferns Done

Ahh, there’s nothing quite like the satisfaction of a completed project and since this one is done before deadline I’m feeling an extra measure of satisfaction. “Woodwardia Ferns” measures 49″ x 65 1/4″ and is the largest art quilt I’ve made to date. The three heliographic prints were begun in the early summer. These fabulous […]

Fabric Postcards

I’m yearning to work in a small format. I have a stack of 5″ x 7″ and 16″ x 16″ fabrics sitting on my cutting board and I’ll be turning those into postcards and 12-inch-square quilts over the next 7 – 10 days. While I’ve been pondering these stacks and the possibilities, my mind has […]

Textiles and Tomatoes

The moment we stepped outside for our morning walk with the boys I could tell it was going to be a real summer day — you know, the kind of tomato-ripening weather you usually have in July and August. Well, that kind of heat eluded us all summer. But it’s here today and I couldn’t […]

Quilting the ferns

I’m back working on the Woodwardia fern quilt and am reminded once more how much I truly enjoy each step in the process of creating an art quilt. Right down to the final hand stitching of the binding, I’m enjoying the work. Having just completed smaller pieces with much smaller quilting patterns, this takes focus, […]

Art in the Mail

The theme I joined for this rounds’ exchange of fabric postcards with Postmark’d Art is Alphabet. It will take several rounds of trading to get through the whole alphabet. This round involves the first 6 letters: A, B, C, D, E, F. There are 6 fiber artists in a group and each person chooses one […]

Time Travel

The phenomenon of social media has tweaked lives, mine included. Just this week I checked out a photo album on a site for Frankfurt American High School and found 2 photos of myself in my drill team uniform on the football field. (Frankfurt is one of 2 high schools I attended in Germany during the 1960’s; I […]

Collaboration Complete

It doesn’t get better than this: The quilt it done and we have a day to spare. Both Heather and I enjoyed the process enormously, learned a lot from each other and will enjoy showing this shared vision at the “Collaborative Exhibit” at Creative Framing & Gallery during September.  (See “Exhibitions of my work” in […]

Getting the edge right

Getting the edge of a quilt right is important. For me that means the edge will be easy to handle as I stitch the binding on, both by machine and by hand, and the quilt will lay flat — no ripples. There are two things I do to achieve this. First, I stitch the edge […]

Collaboration is a good thing.

Heather and I meet for dinner and a glass of wine, then it’s off to the studio to discuss details of our collaborative piece. A full stomach and a relaxed attitude makes for a very fluid discussion. We are making progress but there are many details to iron out. Right away we agree that a […]

Back to the collaboration

The next pattern to be created was the tree. We knew we wanted something big and majestic. After browsing quite a few photos of trees on-line, we borrowed features from several trees and drew our pattern directly onto transparency film, transferring the pattern to freezer paper on the wall. (I love the technology of now […]

Baby Bibs

I recently attended a shower for my nephew and his bride — this is their first child and first grandchild for both sets of parents. Can we say EXCITEMENT? ANTICIPATION? BLESSINGS? There were friends, family, food and tons of fun photos (check, check, check and double-check). It was quite a nice event. I took 2 […]