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Happy Birthday Beverly Cleary

Beverly Cleary turns 100 on April 12th. Since her first book, Henry Huggins, was published in 1950 over 91 million copies of her books have sold. It’s entirely possible then, that, like me, you read many stories involving Henry, Ramona Quimby and Ribsy, Henry’s dog. Cleary grew up on NE 37th Street in Portland and […]

First Box From Organics to You

We have been missing the incredible boxes of farm-fresh vegetables and fruits that once came to our door from Shooting Star CSA. After all, it’s spring — so where are the strawberries and asparagus?  I have found a local source. Organics to You works with many local organic farms and other sources for organic foods […]

Small notebook cover

I took out a small piece of fabric this week and did some simple surface design work. I left some blank spaces so that I could add a bit of hand stitching. I have several small notebooks (4 1/2″ x 3 1/4″) in my stash that need a nice cover for them and, frankly, I […]

More Sketches

A couple weeks ago I began experiencing intermittent computer issues so my posting has been sporadic. Those issues have been resolved so I have full use of my computer now. Enough said. Here’s a sketch done in response to an assignment from my recent Sketchbook Skool instructor, France Belleville-Van Stone :  Sketch something with wheels […]

More Sketching

Another exercise assignment from Sketchbook Skool: without looking at the page, put pen to paper and sketch a portrait. I used a photograph of myself with David for this blind contour exercise and sketched us individually. The results were pretty funny. If you’ve ever seen Harry Nielsen’s The Point, David might remind you of the […]

Sketchbook Skool: Stretching

Sketchbook Skool is an on-line sketching and watercolor school that I have taken several classes with. While I was away, I received an offer for a class that had just begun at a price I couldn’t resist. When I got home I was eager to check in and take the first class with  Jonathan Twingley. Jonathan […]

Last Sketch in the Book!

I’ve just returned from a wonderful visit in Nevada and Southern California. I packed my traveling sketch bag along but didn’t think about the fact that I had just one empty page. Lesson learned. Happily, I had a few watercolor postcards in the bag so I was able to do more than one sketch. I was […]

Fountain Pen Sketch

I purchased a Lamy fountain pen over a year ago and have done little to become acquainted with it. I purchased the pen after taking a course through Sketchbook Skool with Liz Steel, an Australian architect-turned-sketcher who regularly uses her fountain pens to sketch. She discusses fountain pens extensively on her site here.  The pen […]

New work and a new app

I am still organizing my studio — really, an endless task when you think about it. The only way to find the best place for everything in that space is to get to work. So here I go. This is my first attempt at new work in over a year and I am feeling a […]

Lemon and Pink Grapefruit Marmalade

I barely squeaked in a batch of marmalade  last year so I’m determined to get with it this year and stock some favorites. The citrus that is available now is just too wonderful to ignore, both fresh and for creating marmalade. This week I turned lemons and pink grapefruit into one of my favorites. The fun […]


I ironed some dinner napkins and a small stack of hankies yesterday and was inspired by one of the hankies to open my sketch book. Here is the last sketch I had done — I’m not sure why I haven’t shared it here before. Here is what the hankie inspired: When was the last time ironing […]


Fresh cranberries arrive in the markets before Thanksgiving, just in time to create those wonderful relishes we all love for our celebration dinner table. I usually purchase a few extra bags just before Christmas because they begin to fade from market shelves in January. I don’t want to miss the opportunity to make some marmalade, Cranberry-Pomegranate […]

Change of Seasons

Evidence for the change of seasons is everywhere. One cannot escape it — and why would I want to? All those luscious yellows, browns and oranges with lingering tinges of green, oh my! Those colors are just one reason why Fall is my favorite season. There happens to be a nice row of ginkgo trees […]