Broken Ginkgos II — Fini

It’s still raining and I finished the second Broken Ginkgos art quilt.

I thought I had everything figured out ahead of time for this small quilt. I had planned to use the orange fabric — the ‘broken’ element in this quit — for the binding. In fact, it was cut, prepared and ready to stitch on when I got a little twinge in the part of the brain that screams about color.  Suddenly I knew it was the wrong thing to use. The dark cloud of indecision parked itself over my head. So I began auditioning alternate possibilities. When there were three good possibilities positioned next to three sides of the quilt I snapped a picture, downloaded it, cropped the picture and — viola! — the best contender stepped forward.

I’m pleased. This change in the weather could prove to be very helpful productivity-wise!

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  1. maureenc
    maureenc says:

    The combination of orange and the navy blue fabrics produce a wonderful conclusion.
    Isn’t it great when the serendipitous weather produces the right result!

  2. Aileyn Ecob
    Aileyn Ecob says:

    Hi, Franki,
    We’re going to do the Broken Color technique at the Applique Group on Monday, and I am so happy to have another example to show them—your gingko! Aileyn

  3. Dale Robards
    Dale Robards says:

    Gorgeous! Of course, I’m partial to green, purple and orange together. They are the colors predominant in our saltwater fishtanks!
    Hope all is well, girlfriend!

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