Moved to Portland, OR

I haven’t been here on my usual Wednesday and Friday dates sharing what I’ve been up to. Instead, I have been preparing to put our home on the real estate market and move to Portland, Oregon. The plan was put into action in February and we arrived in Portland on June 22nd. We’ve purchased a condo in the Pearl District and anticipate a July 30 closing. Until then, we are exploring our new home town and catching up with friends in the area.

The entire west coast has been experiencing quite a heat wave since the day we arrived. Yesterday we decided to escape the high-90 degree temperature of the city in favor of a trip to Cannon Beach. And what a great decision that was!

We arrived just minutes before the start of the annual July 4th parade down the main street. This small town fairly drips with wholesomeness, Americana, Norman Rockwell. . . you get the picture.

Cannon Beach, July 4th

Click on images for a larger view. Folks in the parade were tossing wrapped candy out to the kids. And here comes the big truck.

Cannon Beach, July 4th, Fire truck

Here are the lifeguards for the beach. This was the place to be! As we savored the fun of the parade I could almost hear Charles Ives’ Holiday Symphony.

Cannon Beach, July 4th, Lifeguards

After our picnic lunch by the band stand — where else? — we drove up into the nearby state park for some great views of the beach.

Cannon Beach, July 4th, waves

The sky was not completely clear, but we were so grateful for the mid-60s temperatures that we didn’t mind. Here’s Haystack Rock.

Cannon Beach, July 4th, Haystack Rock

The only art I’ve created in the last few weeks happened just a few days ago while consuming copious amounts of cold water and wishing for cooler days to come.

Iced Coffee