Creative Procrastination

My holiday cards arrived yesterday.  But having just rescued my muse from captivity in Illinois (If this sounds confusing, become enlightened here.) I am more keenly aware of her bidding so I’m in the studio.

Another scrap of sunflower fabric has presented itself for audition. I have appliqued it to a soft peachy fabric and have placed it on a nice piece of beige upholstery fabric.


This will be #4 in my Sunflower Scrap series and will measure 12″ x 12″. (You can see the others here: #1, #2, #3.)  The size of this piece doesn’t make it a 10-minute job — it presents all the thought-provoking elements of any work of art: color, shape, line, texture, space, form, and value. Then there are the principles of design to consider: unity, focal point, scale/proportion, balance, rhythm and variety. Seriously considering all these things takes time so it is my practice to go slow, evaluating each step over time. The first decision is what shape and size the peachy fabric will take before it is appliqued to the foundation fabric.

So — while I consider the next decision of creating this one, I’ll turn my attention to those holiday cards.

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  1. 379christy
    379christy says:

    That’s truly getting creative with words, Franki. We used to call it ‘maturing’ when we left off finishing a project. The choices seem endless to explain why something isn’t just right to be completed now. Love the new choices!

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