Maple Print

I played with quite a few possibilities for thread painting the final maple leaf prints. I wanted a clear contrast to the weight and value thread I had used the first time around. I chose two threads:  a dark navy and a 1960’s green (think Laugh In, mini skirts and Goldie Hawn), both 60 wt. cotton.  Both go through the same needle.

I’m happy with the level of contrast.

I also like the way the two threads pile up on the surface of the fabric, more like the thick work of hand embroidery than the fine line of the varigated thread. I’m not sure how I’ll use this print but I like what has happened to it so far.

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  1. franki martin
    franki martin says:

    love the contrast & texture- the piece is turning out to be so rich! I can’t wait to see the finished masterpiece inspired by a winter walk!

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