More Sketches

Here are a few more of the sketches that I created in January. The Sketchbook Skool prompt for January 8 was ‘movie.’ Click on images for a larger view.

I went back to this page several times to respond to ‘metallic.’

On the evening of the 10th I had fun with this ‘doodle.’

Here is one of the last Riviera pears we had. A great snack!

The prompt for the 12th was ‘hair.’ I took a picture of myself at the salon getting my hair colored. Not my best effort but you get the idea.

Thank goodness this sketch doesn’t look like me!

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    • Franki Kohler
      Franki Kohler says:

      Oh yeah, Casablanca — Boggie, Bergman and the gang. I watch it a couple times a year and never tire of it. Thanks for checking back in with me after being blocked from commenting. (too rude!)

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