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A couple weeks ago I began experiencing intermittent computer issues so my posting has been sporadic. Those issues have been resolved so I have full use of my computer now. Enough said.

Here’s a sketch done in response to an assignment from my recent Sketchbook Skool instructor, France Belleville-Van Stone :  Sketch something with wheels and use cross hatching to create light.03-13-16 piano sketch

France has an obsession with sketching vehicles. Me? Not so much. So I had to smile to myself about this sketch. This is my restored ca. 1840 Schott fortepiano. My proportion is a bit off, but I’m working on that. In fact, I’m taking a class from an architect which addresses this issue and others. I’m looking forward to more sketches of this beautiful instrument with more realistic proportion and perhaps more detail in the future.

And here is a sketch I did just because shoes can be fun to sketch.


03-12-16 shoe

What are you creating just because it’s fun?

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    • Franki Kohler
      Franki Kohler says:

      Thank you Gurli. I couldn’t see myself sketching a car or other vehicle for this assignment, though that could be a good challenge for me. The fortepiano was quite a challenge in itself.

    • Franki Kohler
      Franki Kohler says:

      The piano was the most challenging, believe me. I didn’t get it entirely right so will have to go back to it again (and perhaps again) to crack the code.

    • Franki Kohler
      Franki Kohler says:

      Thank you Suzanne! Funny you should mention the color. Our scanner is not picking up the color like it once did so I think I’ll need to go back to photographing my sketches.

  1. 379christy
    379christy says:

    I bet if you add a bunch more cross-hatching, you will see more perspective. You have lots of other items with wheels to give you a fresh start. The shoe is really a fun diversion!

  2. Sherry Boram
    Sherry Boram says:

    What am I creating just for fun, you ask. Not much! But I enjoy seeing what you are doing and enjoying your joy in the doing. I’ll get there!

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