No One Likes Rejection

but let’s face it, it’s part of life. I do my best to feel the sting of it and then let it go.

I received a bit of that sting yesterday when I learned that Woodwardia Wonder was rejected for an upcoming exhibit. I have been working on this piece since last December and I haven’t been able to share it here — one of the rules was that the work submitted for entry could not be published in any way before learning about acceptance or rejection for the exhibit. Now I can share it.

This quilt started with one of my favorite things to do — a sun print. Here it is, Setacolor Pernod yellow paint applied and fern frond firmly pinned in place.

Franki Kohler, Sun print in progress

Detail: that’s rice and rock salt scattered over the paint. Applique pins secure the tips of each leaf.

Franki Kohler, sun print detail

When dry, the fern, rice and salt are removed and the fabric is pressed with a hot iron. Now for the thread painting. I use a medium-weight tear-away stabilizer and copper-colored cotton thread to define the leaf clearly.

Franki Kohler, Threadpainting complete mid January

By mid-March I had completed the quilting. Here is the piece being blocked.

Franki Kohler, Quilted, now blocking

And then there are those beds to consider. Some pieces just yell “BEADS!” at me during the quilting process. I have to listen to that.

Franki Kohler, considering beads

I bound and beaded it, then put the final touch on — metallic cooper paint defines the stem. The piece was completed and photographed by the end of March.

Franki Kohler, Woodwardia Wonder, 60" x 24", 2013, For Sale

Franki Kohler, Woodwardia Wonder, Detail

I’ll let you know the first time it has a public showing. Until then, I have another art quilt almost done.

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  1. nuvofelt
    nuvofelt says:

    Rejection is hard. Sometimes, however, it’s just because it doesn’t ‘fit’ on the day. I like it, and so will many more. 🙂

  2. ipatchandquilt
    ipatchandquilt says:

    Oh sorry to hear this Franki! But you know what? This was an oponion of one particular (small) group of people. There are many more people who will LOVE your creativeness, your colour choices and the FMQ!!! And, as we live in a democracy: most votes win!

  3. Sherry Boram
    Sherry Boram says:

    I’m so happy I got to see it in progress, Franki. The stitching is insane–in a good way!! I know you are disappointed, but now you have this exquisite quilt.

    • Franki Kohler
      Franki Kohler says:

      I am very happy with this quilt. I met all my goals on it. I’m already over the rejection part and looking for other venues that I might present it to. It will have it’s day somewhere.

  4. 379christy
    379christy says:

    I agree with your approach to handling rejection. Miguel Ruiz (THE FOUR AGREEMENTS) would point out that most of the time, ‘it isn’t about you!’ If a person dwells on what IS about him/her, that person will be plenty busy already. Beautiful work, Franki. I look forward to seeing it installed and admired.

  5. vivian helena Aumond-Capone
    vivian helena Aumond-Capone says:

    It is a beautiful piece. The juror had envisioned a different direction for the show.. As the rest say it is not you or the piece. We have to remember that. There are many times I would like to ask a juror “why”. Look at all the authors stories of “rejection” and when they make it, it is a special “high”. This piece will be beautiful at the next showing…

  6. Barb
    Barb says:

    Oh Franki I am sorry to hear that. You are so talented and that was one of your very best and such a beautiful piece. Shame on them for not recognizing it’s wonderfulness. I know the next thing you do will be remarkable also. Keep on trucking! 😉

  7. maureenc
    maureenc says:

    Apart from the actual sunprint treatment I am in awe of your quilting skills. I agree with Sherry’s comment of “insane” in the nicest way!
    I’m sure we will hear more about this striking quilt in the future.
    Jurors can be so subjective

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