Oakleaf Hydrangea II

I fussed and dithered and tried like crazy to use a couple of the fabrics I had pulled out for this project but in the end I edited down to just a few that really worked. I have to stop treating my audition fabrics like my dinner plate — I do not have to use every fabric that starts out as a possibility!

I’m very pleased that the silk deconstructed screen print fabric found a home here. It so nicely echoes the deconstruction of one of the oakleaf hydrangea leaves. And the Ghana wax batik mimics the blossom.

Franki Kohler, Top done

The copper and blue fabric — another ‘find’ while cleaning up my stash — is a hand-painted fat quarter. Straightening my stash continues to reap big rewards! And I was happy to find that some of the fabric I painted in Lonni Rossi’s surface design class worked well at the top — that’s linen painted with Setacolor opaque.

This piece really speaks to me of the earth and the cycles of nature — fresh and fading.

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  1. Loretta Armstrong
    Loretta Armstrong says:

    I wondered how ever you would use the fabrics you chose….now I see. Not at all how I ever imaged their use. I do like what you’ve done with them…the deconstructed paired with the red/green tomato print is terrific. Great fun! I look forward to the finished piece.

  2. jennyklyon
    jennyklyon says:

    Just stunning Franki-great, unexpected, spot on choices. I am learning from your choices. Gorgeous.

  3. vivian helena aumond-capone
    vivian helena aumond-capone says:

    when in the process of “creating” painted fabric, sometimes we think we will never have a project for them , and then suddenly they are the perfect piece… Is that how our stash grows?
    Looking forward to seeing it quilted, looks lovely.

    • Franki Kohler
      Franki Kohler says:

      Oh yeah. . . that’s how the stash grows. It’s interesting to note that all of the fabrics I used in this quilt are hand made. This is a first for me.

  4. Judy Higgins
    Judy Higgins says:

    Wise words; ones I must remember – no need to clean up that plate! Applies to a project I’m working on now, such timely advice! Thank you!

    • Franki Kohler
      Franki Kohler says:

      You are welcome. The comparison just smacked me up-side the face when I was contemplating the fabrics and trying so hard to make them all fit. What a relief it was when I got away from the ‘have to’ mentality. Whew. Pass it on.

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