One-Sentence Journaling

Late in 2009 I learned about a woman who began keeping a one-sentence journal in an attempt to capture highlights of her life on a regular basis. I thought it was a great idea and something I could commit to. For ease, I decided to keep it on my computer and augment the written journal with photographs. Naturally, I often write more than one sentence. But for those days that I record just one sentence, a photograph or two go a long way in fleshing out that sentence. They don’t say “A picture is worth a thousand words” without cause! This process not only captures small moments I don’t want to slip away from me, but it means that I am using my camera more — especially for documenting my art-making process.

If I weren’t journaling I wouldn’t have thought to capture this charming yellow-rumped warbler who visited my backyard

or the result of trying a new recipe for pumpkin cheesecake

or the incredible splash of color that a maple tree in my front yard was wearing recently.

It’s the day after Thanksgiving and the rest of the year will flash by at the speed of sound. I’m looking forward to holding on to at least a few memories as we crash into 2012.

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  1. vivian
    vivian says:

    that is how I am approaching it also.. I am more visual, but want to share my world, hope others find it interesting.. We live in such a beautiful area… we are so blessed… Yes, the camera is in more use now,, and it also makes us “see”….Happy Thanksgiving… vivian

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