Sketchbook Skool: Self Portrait

If I had known that Koosje Koene was going to ask me to sketch a self-portrait, I probably would not have signed up for this semester with Sketchbook Skool. I have never attempted any kind of portrait sketching. But I’m in the klass now — and I’ve trusted her before and been pleasantly surprised with my product, so I dove in.

The first attempt was done while sitting in a comfortable chair in front of a mirror with a spot light on the left side of my face. The sketch is clearly of a person, just not one that resembles me much. But onward!

The next assignment was to do a self-portrait — Koosje calls them ‘selfies’ — using a photograph. This was a bit easier for a couple of reasons: 1. I had the experience of the first sketch and could see where I went astray. 2. I wear glasses for close work so I was putting them on and taking them off constantly for the first round, not so for this one. Whew! Click on image for a larger view.



It’s not perfect but it does come a lot closer to resembling me. And I’m not looking for perfection, just skill building. If I want a true likeness I’ll use my camera. As Koosje says

Have no fear of perfection. You will never reach it.

Now that takes the heat off!

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  1. jennyklyon
    jennyklyon says:

    It really does take courage to do art. I would have been terrified to do a selfie! Yours turned out well. I’m kind of intrigued by your skool.

    • Franki Kohler
      Franki Kohler says:

      I keep surprising myself with these sketches. Koosje’s attitude about sketching helps a lot. In fact, all the instructors in this course have been super instructors with very user-friendly approaches.

    • Franki Kohler
      Franki Kohler says:

      Gosh, I wasn’t fishing for compliments, but thanks. I’m not going to share the first sketch I did. Boy! Did I look angry. Funny what a wrong line and there will do. 🙂

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