Vintage Hawaiian Postcard

My friend Heather was in Hawaii for the Thanksgiving holiday and she mailed me a postcard made of wood with a vintage design. The design side:

Franki Kohler, Vintage Hawaiian PostcardAnd the address side:

Franki Kohler, address sideThe card is about 1/4″ thick so had no problem withstanding whatever the postal service dished out. I think the surfers on the address side are wonderful. Documentation on the bottom edge says it was made on Kauai and that the image is by Melinda Morey. I tried contacting both the manufacturer and the designer to get more information but was unsuccessful. I can only guess that the ocean view with the plane is the original — now vintage — design and that the surfers are by Melinda.

Heather knows that I am involved with Postmark’d Art, a group of artists from around the world who create and trade fabric postcards. The card is very charming but what is even more touching is that Heather thought of me while on vacation and mailed it!

Borrowed From Nature – Artist Reception

The reception for my solo exhibit Borrowed From Nature, was held on Saturday, October 22, from 6 – 8 p.m. One of the nice things about the artist receptions at Creative Framing & Gallery is that they are held several weeks after the exhibit opens — it acts more as a closing reception. Some of the people who come for the reception have already seen the exhibit and they’ve had a chance to think about what they liked or didn’t like.

I especially like the paper tree that Heather created to frame the left side of the wall. She tucked many of my fabric postcards — all with leaves or nests on them — into the tree. It is quite charming.

People arrived in a very staggered way, almost like someone had scheduled it. Because of that, I had a chance to actually visit with just about everyone who came.

It was relaxed, intimate and fun. Here’s a glimpse of Woodwardia Ferns, the piece I completed in September, just in time for the exhibit.

And several of my pieces sold. Nice. After the reception a group of us went out to dinner.

Collaboration Complete

It doesn’t get better than this: The quilt it done and we have a day to spare. Both Heather and I enjoyed the process enormously, learned a lot from each other and will enjoy showing this shared vision at the “Collaborative Exhibit” at Creative Framing & Gallery during September.  (See “Exhibitions of my work” in the right column.)

Here is Heather putting the final dabs of paint on.

And here’s Kollaborative Klimt-esque Landscape completed. It measures 51″ x 39 1/4″.

A couple detail shots are in order so you can see some of the paint, beading and crystals.

It may not be clear here, but that’s a yellow crystal for the bird’s eye; more tiny clear crystals are centered on bronze-painted squares in the hill below.

I’ll attach the label on the back tonight. Tomorrow I return to the large fern piece that needs quilting.

Collaboration is a good thing.

Heather and I meet for dinner and a glass of wine, then it’s off to the studio to discuss details of our collaborative piece. A full stomach and a relaxed attitude makes for a very fluid discussion. We are making progress but there are many details to iron out. Right away we agree that a bird is needed and it should be in the tree, not in the sky. This black bird keeps me company while I work and he’s just the right size — life is good!

From the very beginning of this project I have been thinking “bling, Klimt style.” Here we consider the bling. The applique placement pattern is so handy for this. Just cut paper and attach.

The tree is done. With this accomplishment, the deadline of September 1 suddenly seems possible.

The black bird and some of the bling are next.

I found these sassy, sparkling fabrics on the shelf reserved for Christmas fabrics. Love the tail! And polished cotton was perfect for the bird.

The quilt top is done.

Now to quilting. More Klimt influence will creep in here too.

Collaborative Work

Heather is a painter/print maker, I work with fabric. She hasn’t worked with a fiber artist to create a piece and I haven’t worked with a painter/printer. The process has been an exiting one. The exhibit we’re aiming for opens September 1 and we’re not close to being done yet. I’m feeling the pressure.

Our concept was simple:  rolling-hills background with a large tree foreground.  The first step was to create a pattern for the background. We drew the pattern on a transparency then put it on the overhead projector. We drew the pattern directly on freezer paper which would be cut up as the pattern.

Next, audition fabric…

Cut the pattern out and iron it to the fabric…

Here’s the last chance to check on our fabric choices before the stitching begins.

Ahh, we’re happy with it. The background is stitched together. Here, the painting has begun but Heather will have to come back to it in favor of progress on the tree.

Time for me to get back to the stitching. Stay tuned.