Final January Sketches

Here are the last of the sketches I did during January. I created several on the 25th to make up for missing other days. Click on images for a larger view.

For the word prompt ‘selfie’

For the next few sketches I selected my own subjects from around the house. This pin cushion is dear to me because my friend Susan made it for me.

I had a single stem of anthurium for several weeks in January and it begged to be sketched.

Another fun evening of doodling.

Another angle on the anthurium.

The word prompt ‘landscape’ inspired this sketch.

And finally, the word prompt ‘glass’ gave me an opportunity to sketch a favorite rooster. This colorful piece is perched on my kitchen counter and always brings a smile to my face. This is my first two-page spread, a sort of break through for me. This guy just seemed to demand it.

So, that’s a wrap. I enjoyed the sketching I did in January. And though I had hoped that it would create a new habit for me, I did fall off the wagon in February. However, I will go back to sketching here and there. Meanwhile, I have fiber art that I’ve created and more fiber work in mind. I’ll keep you posted here.

G is for Gray

Not so long ago I was distracted by dryer lint and started running amok. That first sidetracked adventure turned into a successful (by my standards) landscape postcard — affectionately known as the Lint Landscape. Well,  the adventure continued and here I feel I should explain. My fabric postcard trading group Postmark’d Art is in the second round of a trade series based on the alphabet — each round for trading we’ll be using 6-7 letters of the alphabet, members sign up for a letter which they use as inspiration, they create postcards to send to each person in the trade group and keep one for themselves. After four rounds of these trades each member will have a full set of the alphabet. We’re into the second round and the letters available were G, H, I, J, K, L and M. I chose G. While I was felting that first bit of lovely gray dryer lint I hit upon the idea of using Gray as a theme for creating a series of postcards. Not wanting to repeat the same postcard seven times, I began to let my mind wander about the possibilities as I created landscapes. Here’s the second one

That was fun. How about orange?

And gold?

Okay, time to move on design wise and use up the lint. Circles anyone?

And more circles. . .

Fewer circles and the last of the lint. . .

And now for something completely different

So there it is. The creative process beginning with cleaning out the lint trap on laundry day, selecting the letter “G” as inspiration and three different design ideas.

Lint Landscape

The Lint Landscape is done! And I’m quite pleased with it. It seems to have a nice structure, movement and a bit of whimsy.

Whodathunk that a mundane weekly task like laundry could lead to the creation of art? I’ll admit that needle felting has been on my mind lately — but this little landscape would not have come into being if I had not be observant enough to notice the great color of the lint. This has been a great reminder to keep my eyes and ears open to the possibilities that are at hand every day.

In what unlikely place have you found inspiration that drove you to your studio?