Art Quilt Exhibition Gets Radio Time

Edward Goldman on KCRW’s Art Talk shared information on three current exhibitions in Southern California — one is the Art Quilts exhibit at the California Heritage Museum in Santa Monica. I have two pieces in this exhibit and, though he does not picture either of them, I encourage you to check out his short broadcast.  Click on the Art Talk link above to hear the podcast. Press the ‘play’ button and scroll down to view photos that Goldman took at each exhibit.

It’s lovely to see and hear that art quits are indeed being recognized as art and belong in the discussion of such along with Degas and other notable artists around the world.


I always feel that gaining entry to a judged and juried exhibit is a reward in itself. So I could not be more happy about having three entries accepted for Best of the Valley 2017 and having all three come home with a ribbon. BOTV 2017 was held in Lindsay, CA, April 7-9. Click on images for larger viewing.

Going in Circles received an Honorable Mention ribbon. My artist statement for this piece read:
I find myself seeking more opportunity to create design with hand stitching. This quilt’s background was constructed by arranging pieces of torn fabric onto a background fabric, topping that with tulle, then layering with batting and backing before machine quilting. All surface work on the quilt is done by hand using a variety of materials and techniques.

Broken Tulips received a Third Place ribbon. My artist statement for this piece read:

This quilt was inspired by a stunning bunch of tulips that brightened my home in the spring of 2016. The pattern was created using a photograph of the flowers.

Precious Metals II received a Third Place ribbon. My artist statement for this piece read:

The lure of the ginkgo leaf is still very strong for me. This piece is a riff on Precious Metals created in 2012. Again, the leaf sparkles with copper, silver and gold, the precious metals, and the circle is emphasized with beading.



Accepted for Best of the Valley

I’m pleased to say that my three entries for the Best of the Valley exhibit have been accepted. Broken Tulips (click on an image for a larger view)

Going in Circles

and Precious Metals II

will be on display

April 7 – 9, 2017

McDermont Field House

365 North Sweet Brier

Lindsay, CA 93247

See this link for more details about Best of the Valley.

I had work in this annual exhibit in 2012 and 2015.


Precious Metals II

At last — I have completed Precious Metals II. Like the work that inspired it — Precious Metals — this piece is 12″ x 12″. Click on image for a larger view.

Precious Metals II, 12" x 12"

This color pallet is especially nice to work with during the Fall season and I thoroughly enjoyed the meditative work of beading.

Precious Metals II detail

Precious Metals received quite an honor at the Best of the Valley show in 2012. Shortly after that it was sold. I hope to have this piece to enjoy for a while.

The leaves are dropping, decorating the sidewalks and gutters, inspiring more play with this beautiful shape.


I hope that you are enjoying this season in your neighborhood.

Precious Metals II

It’s not a secret that I’m drawn to the ginkgo leaf. I love seeing them on and off trees. Click on an image for a larger view.


Nature has a beautiful way of shedding and arranging the leaves.


I’ve enjoyed using these photographs for some fun sketching.


In 2011 I created a small piece called Precious Metals. It won an award and sold almost immediately, leaving me little time to enjoy it.

Franki Kohler, Precious Metals, 12" x 12", 2011

As the season changes to fall, I’m reminded again of the beauty of this leaf as it changes color and falls from the trees lining my street. I was thinking of Precious Metals and decided to create another version of it. It didn’t take long before I had formed an idea. I started by bringing out possible materials to use. Then I created a design directly on the background fabric using a water erasable fabric marking pen. Once my machine was cleaned and oiled, I started the thread sketching using a gold thread over gold organza.


This organza has tiny bits of sparkle attached to the surface — perfect. When the thread work is done I carefully trim away the excess organza fabric. Here are the gold leaves finished. I am doing this thread sketching through all three layers of the quilt. Because of that — and the added layer of organza for each leaf — there is no need to use an embroidery hoop or pins to stabilize the fabric while I stitch.


Next I used silver metallic thread over a silver organza. It’s difficult to see the organza against the light oatmeal fabric, but it lends just the extra sparkle I was looking for.


Copper was next up — here is the orange tulle in place:


With the thread sketching complete, I turned to auditioning possibilities for quilting and beading. I was thrilled to see a bit of the fabric I had used on Precious Metals for the binding. It is so perfect for this combination of gold, silver and copper.


I liked the idea of using Superior’s variegated metallic thread to quilt the background. I had a good start on quilting but quickly decided I didn’t like the look — it was too distracting, stealing the thunder from the central design of the ginkgo leaves. So I spent some quiet time taking out the quilting. Instead, I used YLI 100-weight silk thread, color 239 on the top and the same thread, color 242, for the bobbin.


I love the way silk thread loses itself in the thick pile of this fabric. It creates a subtle overall texture on top of a heavier texture already there.


And the bobbin thread accomplished the same goal on the back.


And the beading has begun.


I am loving this quiet, meditative hand work. Stay tuned for the finish. And oh! Happy Fall.