First Box From Organics to You

We have been missing the incredible boxes of farm-fresh vegetables and fruits that once came to our door from Shooting Star CSA. After all, it’s spring — so where are the strawberries and asparagus?  I have found a local source. Organics to You works with many local organic farms and other sources for organic foods and delivers to your door. Easy peasy. Here’s the box we received today.

Their box selections means you can choose the box that is the right size for your family. They also share a lot of information about nutrition, recipes and more. There’s nothing like fresh!

Lavender and Sweet Peas

This is the time of year when it is difficult to be indoors. The garden is bursting with new energy and rewards will just keep coming over the next few months.

Lavender and Sweet PeasAnd speaking of rewards from the garden — here is our first box from Shooting Star CSA.

First box from Shooting StarSpring is here!

Last Box of the Season

Shooting Star CSA delivered their final box of farm-fresh vegetables for the season this week. The Romanesco cauliflower looks too beautiful to eat!

Franki Kohler, Romanesco cThe rest of the box looks just as tasty and has me looking forward to the 2014 season.

Open House at Shooting Star CSA

This is the second year that we have subscribed to Shooting Star CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) and the first year we’ve been able to attend one of their open house events.  It was a beautiful day to drive up into the wine country to see where our weekly box of fruit and vegetables are grown. Matt begins our tour sharing his philosophy about farming and soil restoration. Here he stands in a recently plowed field. Hover your cursor over an image for more information.

Franki Kohler, Matt begins the tourSmall plantings and regular rotation of crops means that there is a wide variety of vegetables available throughout the 6 months we receive our weekly box. Here are lettuce seedlings about to be planted.

Franki Kohler, lettuceEggplant we’ve been enjoying.

Franki Kohler, eggplantUnless you grow it, how can you know the beauty of the eggplant blossom?

Franki Kohler, eggplant blossoomOne of many varieties of peppers grown at Shooting Star, these are sweet and plentiful. We also enjoy padron and jalapeno peppers in our box.

Franki Kohler, peppersI grow basil in my garden but there’s nothing like seeing it growing in this quantity.

Franki Kohler, basil and broccoliAll the members there brought a dish to share for dinner. It was fun to meet like-minded folks at the source. The children especially enjoyed the ‘vegetable fort.’ Some were quick to offer them for sale while others were content to toss them over the side.

Franki Kohler, children enjoying the vegetable fortWork at the farm continues all year. We’ll be enjoying our boxes through the end of November and the new season (for us) will begin in May. Meanwhile, we’ve already seen the strawberry plants that will supply us with small oh-so-sweet berries in the spring. Yum!

A Bit of Cooking

A bit of excitement here — yesterday we received the first box of vegetables from Shooting Star CSA. Deliveries will continue each Tuesday through the end of November.

Franki Kohler, First box of the season

I couldn’t wait to dive in! I made Radish-Top Soup with Lemon and Yogurt from Deborah Madison’s new book, Vegetable Literacy. Yum! You can see more about Deborah and that book here.

And since I was in the mood and in the kitchen, I decided to try my hand at the mole recipe I got from Tracy Ritter while in Santa Fe. I learned long ago that the easiest way to cook is to prepare. Here are all the ingredients assembled, ready to use.

Franki Kohler, assembling the ingredients

After roasting, chopping, and browning the ingredients simmer to finish cooking and thickening.

Franki Kohler, cooking

From start to finish about one hour elapsed. Time to get some shrimp out and give it a taste test.

Franki Kohler, Mole done

Thanks to great local vegetables and some wonderful chefs we’re eating some mighty fine meals.

Broken Ginkgos IV Done

The final touches were completed this morning. I was successful in getting a variety of designs and design sizes in this small quilt so I’m pleased with the outcome. This series is quite fun! I have #5 ready to quilt and #6 is mentally being pulled together.

And here’s the back

Who knows when this series will fizzle out. All I can say for now is I don’t see an end yet.

A small detour to the garden is necessary — by way of the kitchen, that is. Last night’s dinner included my own cilantro pesto combined with an heirloom tomato from this week’s box of farm fresh vegetables. Browning the crust of the pizza here

and here it is out of the oven.

Total time: 15 minutes. Total satisfaction.

Eat Your Veggies

We grow many of our own vegetables and we purchase fresh produce at our local farmer’s markets. This year we decided to take advantage of something even more convenient by picking up a box of vegetables that are delivered to a neighbors house by a local organic farmer — Shooting Star CSA of Suisun Valley, CA. I must confess that from the first box we were spoiled. Here is what we got in our box this week. Yum!

The farmer picks only the vegetables and fruits that are fully ripe, ready to eat, so we don’t know what we’ll be getting from week to week. I enjoy this element of mystery. I also welcome the opportunity to pour over my cook books finding new ways to cook turnips or cabbage or kale. Bon Appetit!