Thankful Thursday

Just a few reasons to be thankful every day. Click on image for larger view.

What are you thankful for today?

Wordless Wednesday

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Franki Kohler, Taylor in a standoff with a wild turkey

Holidays and Hats

Why is it that many of us feel compelled to put hats on our pets during the holidays? A mystery, really.

Franki Kohler, Taylor says "A hat, really?"Here’s what Taylor really thinks:

So there!Make no mistake about it — Mendelssohn would rather have a nap than a hat.

Franki Kohler, Mendelssohn preferrs a napThey are both happy Christmas is over! Now, do I still have the black hats and silver noise makers?

Charming Pots

Last year when I planted the succulent wall with Barb there were a few cuttings left over. I knew immediately that I would plant them in the three completely charming pots that my friend Dale gifted me with several years earlier. Here they are today.

I’ve searched my blog for the posting about the succulent wall and there isn’t one. I was inspired to do it before I was blogging. So, let me digress to fill in the background.

In March of 2011 I attended the San Francisco Flower and Garden Show. It’s always fun to see what the new trends are and it’s always inspiring. Upon entering, the first exhibit I saw made my jaw drop. This dovecote by Succulent Gardens of Castroville, CA, is a five-sided structure with four sides planted in succulents designed to tell you about its contents — doves. The fifth side is a screen door which allows you a view of the birds.

After leaving the garden show I was determined to create a small succulent wall of my own and I started planning. I purchased the three frames (20″ square panels with slanted planting niches) and about 2/3 of the cuttings needed from Succulent Gardens; the remaining cuttings came from my small patch of succulents. Here are the cuttings, ready to plant, and the plan in early April 2011.

Here’s Barb, gardener extraordinaire, the cuttings and Taylor, acting as afternoon shift supervisor.

One of the three panels we planted.

The panels remained horizontal with light watering until the roots were secure. In August they were secured to one end of a raised vegetable bed.

And here’s the wall August 31, 2012.

Now you’re up to date.

Portraiture of the Boys

My friend Win Dell’Ario — award-winning interior designer in Half Moon Bay — recently thanked a client for their business by presenting them with painted portraits of their two dogs. The portraits completed the newly redone mud room with such pizazz! I have been wanting to immortalize by boys for some time and I was so taken by the portraits that I asked Win to share her connection with me.

I immediately contacted Lynn Culp at and we began the process of selecting just the right photos of Mendelssohn (12 years) and Taylor (7 years) — aka The Boys — my Bichon Frise buds. After just a couple rounds of review we decided upon this image of Mendelssohn

and this one of Taylor.

The portraits arrived in the mail this week. They are 10″ x 10″, oil on canvass. Here’s Mendelssohn

and Taylor.

The portraits will hang in my mud room and give it serious pizazz. I’m thrilled with how Lynn captured my favorite studio buddies. She was a pleasure to work with and I’ll treasure this art for many years to come.

A Little 4th on the 5th

I start most days walking with the boys, Mendelssohn and Taylor, aka Bichon Frise dogs, but don’t tell them that.  July 4th was no exception.  In fact, a walk on a holiday morning is an especially good thing.  It gives me a chance to catch my breath before the preparations for the day begin in earnest.  So…did someone says “Walkies?”

Notice the snappy scarf on Taylor.  They were groomed Friday and came home with those scarves. They were struttin’ their stuff!

After the wide shifts from heat to rain this week, we were grateful for mild tempeartures all day.  It was a perfect day for appreciating ones freedom and remembering those who ensure that freedom.  The backyard chickens seemed extra perky…

and my radicchio-cabbage slaw with blueberries was almost patriotic.