Three Accepted for Fabrications

I’ve just learned that three of my entries for the Columbia FiberArts Guild exhibit Fabrications have been accepted. The jurors had 70 submissions to consider and 37 were selected. This is the first exhibit I’ve entered since my move to Portland last summer. The call for this exhibit stated simply:

We are looking for creative, bold work displaying a solid command of design principles and appropriate technique.

The accepted pieces are Broken Ginkgos II (click on image for larger view)

Franki Kohler, Broken Ginkgos II, 12" x 12", 2012


Broken Ginkgos III

Franki Kohler, Broken Ginkgos III, 12" x 12", 2012, For Sale

and Broken Ginkgos V

Franki Kohler, Broken Ginkgos V, 12" x 12", 2012, For Sale


Fabrications will be on view

August 1st – September 30th, 2016

ArtReach Gallery

1st Congregational United Church of Christ

1126 SW Park Avenue

Portland, OR 97205

Opening Art Reception
August 4th, from 5-8 p.m.


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  1. snicklefritzin43
    snicklefritzin43 says:

    Congrats, Franki. Hoping I can make a trip to Portland the end of August and will surely see the show if I do.

  2. vivian helena
    vivian helena says:

    Congrats… love the way you outline your images… I remember you were explaining that one time, but don’t remember how you did it… Looks great, Fantastic that you will be in the exhibit…

    • Franki Kohler
      Franki Kohler says:

      Hi Vivian! Thanks for the kudos. Yes, I’ve explained the process in a couple posting. You can search for broken color on my site and find it.

    • Franki Kohler
      Franki Kohler says:

      I have a start, Kay. I am working on a small piece based on a photograph of tulips that I took. I blogged about that earlier.

    • Franki Kohler
      Franki Kohler says:

      Hi Gurli! I have begun some new work but the pieces that were accepted for this exhibit were made before I moved. Fortunately for me, there were no time or size restrictions on this call.

  3. Nancy Karigaca
    Nancy Karigaca says:

    The ginkgos are lovely! They remind me of the piece we bought from you a few years ago. Glad you’re still doing them and getting even more creative on that theme. Congratulations!

    • Franki Kohler
      Franki Kohler says:

      Thanks Nancy! The ginkgo is quite a recurring theme for me. I’m glad you have one of that series.

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