Postmark’d Art is in the midst of its 16th round of trading. One of the themes that I am trading in is Typography. I’ve received two that I can’t help but share here. Lynn Chinnis used a quote from Ellen Lupton to illustrate her point.

Franki Kohler, Typography by Lynn Chinnis

And Karen Musgrave clipped words from newspaper and magazines to create a ransom note.

Franki Kohler, Ransom Note by Karen Musgrave

It says: “We have your muse. You have 2 days to send 5 lbs. of dark, organic chocolate or we put her in a small simple wooden box without toys until our demands are met! No excuses! Go! Run! No coffee breaks. Thank you.”

And, yes, I did indeed send her some chocolate — wouldn’t you?

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  1. Dale Robards
    Dale Robards says:

    I helped my dog, Hollywood, construct a ransom note recently when we took care of a neighbor’s dog for an afternoon. (I did most of the work, Hollywood having no opposable thumbs.) It took forEVER! If I’d had to copy, quilt, etc., etc., I’d still be at it. This postcard is brilliant!

    • Franki Kohler
      Franki Kohler says:

      I thought so too! Hence, ransom payment was shipped immediately and I keep the postcard by my computer to enjoy!

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