White on White 4

This is the final design I’ve created for the White-on-White trade with Postmark’d Art. For this design I pulled out my needle-felting machine. I felted the roving directly onto fast2fuse: the first layer of roving is a very light cream-colored wool; the second layer is a scrumptious Angora roving. The Angora is very white and ever-so soft — it was a real pleasure to work with.

Franki Kohler, White on White 4I drew a leaf design on the top and proceeded to embroider by hand with a very narrow white ribbon. Unfortunately, getting the needle through the fast2fuse and 2 layers of roving proved to be just too difficult. A change of strategy was necessary. I drew the leaf design on the reverse side, filled a bobbin with Ricky Tim’s Razzle Dazzle™ and popped a 90/14 topstitch needle in my machine. It worked like a charm. I haven’t done any felting or bobbin work in quite a while so this was a treat.

The design needed a little something else. Beads to the rescue! I have just a bit more beading to do on several other postcards, then I’ll be ready to trim and finish them all. Voilá! The end is in sight. Stay tuned.

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