Collecting Art

Next to making art, collecting art is something I do as often as my budget will allow. My collection is modest and well-loved. And I don’t have everything hung on walls all the time. I enjoy moving art into new locations, tucking a few away to find a new home in the future. Rotating art in my house usually coincides with fresh paint and moving furniture into new locations (my favorite way to transform my surroundings with minimal expense).

Accent walls in the entry, living and dining rooms were just given a coat of Tangerine Fizz and presented a great opportunity to look at my collection with a fresh eye.

Here is a new gallery wall of 9 foot-square art quilts I have collected. Click on image for a larger view.

Collection 1The artists who created these pieces are (top row, L – R) Karen Schulz, S.P.P. 10, 2012, Janice McKeehan, Elemental Surprise, 2011, Kathie Briggs, (middle row, L – R) Lisa Flowers Ross, Starry Forest, 2012, Nneka Kusema Gamble, Dove’s Paradise, 2012, Meta Heemskerk, From Rembrandt to Mondrian, 2013, (bottom row, L – R) Linda Cline, Succulent VI, 2009, Jeanne Marklin, Spring Moons, 2012, Leslie Carabas, 3M, 2009.

In addition to fiber art, these two watercolor paintings by Rita Sklar adorn our living room. Left: Brown Pelican is part of Rita’s Endangered Species series. Right: Pelicans in Flight, a Giclee print.

Collection 2My husband and I are birders and were delighted to discover Rita’s work in a local coffee shop. We have gifted each other with several of her works in the last decade.

I hope you also noticed the diminutive works on the mantel. Those are fabric postcards made by artist members of Postmark’d Art, a group that I have moderated since its formation in 2004. These particular postcards were inspired by van Gogh paintings. They deserve a closer look. Here is Sarah Ann Smith‘s take on Willows at Sunset

Sara Ann Smith, Willows at Sunset

and Debra Svedberg‘s homage to Les Alyscamps. Click on image for a larger view.

Debra Svedberg, Les Alyscamps 1888

Six postcards are propped up on a small easel and I rotate them often. You can see all of this incredible collection here and here.

When I moved 3M by Leslie Carabas to the living room I hung Breezy by Patricia Porter in its place.

Collection 3Leslie’s framed fabric postcard works very nicely with Pat’s colorful foot-square piece.

I’m done painting for now and thoroughly enjoying the new look in many rooms.



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  1. meta
    meta says:

    So nice to see my piece on your wall. I’m so pleased that you bought it!
    I, too, like buying art and I have several beautiful small Galleribba pieces on my walls.

  2. Suzanne Kistler
    Suzanne Kistler says:

    Looks like a gallery!! I love the Tangerine Fizz. I’m having my living room painted in two weeks, but the bravest thing I’m doing is switching to semi-gloss to try to add some light into that dark cave…”Great White Way,” here we come!

    Love the 3 x 3 installation. It draws the eye around and around…I could look at it for a long time and keep discovering new things!

    • Franki Kohler
      Franki Kohler says:

      Thanks Suzanne. I have to admit, this ‘buy what you love’ advise I live by really does work. I don’t think these little treasures could look ‘wrong.’

  3. 379christy
    379christy says:

    Nice choice for your new installation, Franki. The connection to the Tangerine Fizz is remarkable.


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