Fixing a Weighty Problem

When I took Forget Me Not: Collaboration with Grandma off the wall to deliver to the Pence Gallery I noticed a sag in the fabric on the bottom right corner. This corresponds to the location of the label  on the back of the quilt. Clearly, the addition of a broderie perse rose surrounded by beads created more weight than the quilt could support. Now that I’ve mentioned this, you’ll probably notice it in the photo taken at the opening of the exhibit. There was nothing I could do then, of course, but now that it is back home it is time to remedy this weighty problem.

I did not want to remove the rose, another treasure from Grandma, but what to do?  I thought about this for a while. The bottom of the quilt was simply not going to support the weight. But wait: The top of the quilt — more specifically the sleeve — could! The solution was simple, once I thought beyond my usual placement for the label.

I removed the label and blocked the quilt. This brought the shape of the quilt back nicely. Next, I pinned the label to the top edge. To ensure that I did not stitch completely through the hanging sleeve, I inserted a ruler before pinning. I left the ruler in place and stitched the portion of the label that was attached to the sleeve.

Franki Kohler, Label, pinned

Then I removed the ruler to stitch the rest of the label in place.

Franki Kohler, Label back on

The hanging slat will now bear the weight of the beaded rose, not the quilt.

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