Getting It Right

Not always an easy thing, this ‘getting it right.’ Sometimes it takes days, weeks, even years. I’m just speaking for myself, of course, though the thought of such masters as Beethoven, Mendelssohn, van Gogh — and more — leap to mind when it comes to revisiting earlier works for a bit of tweaking. Some of those masters went back to pieces many times and never were completely satisfied with the results. My resurrection story has a happy ending.

Three years ago this month I completed Orange, a challenge two friends and I decided upon.

Franki Kohler, OrangeAside from the word ‘orange’, the only other stipulation for the art quilt was the size. From the start, I conceived this piece as having a large tree with three persimmons — a sort of banner — at the top. Unfortunately, I added the 6-inch banner on top of a piece that was already the stipulated overall size! So, this piece has been fraught with problems from the start. I didn’t like the proportion of the completed piece. Even more to the point:  I was not happy with the execution of the persimmons. But, after all, it was done. And on time. And it hung in an exhibit before the fabric had cooled from being stitched. Done and hung, now there’s a nice phrase for you.

When it came home from the exhibit it was rolled up and stored away. Every time I’ve come across it since, I’ve been annoyed with it.

This week I decided to revisit Orange to see if I couldn’t salvage it. The answer came to me very much like having a V-8 moment — you know, that big self-inflicted smack to the forehead. What if I removed the persimmons?

Franki Kohler, Orange revisitedIt wasn’t the huge time invested initially anticipated. Just a couple more inches and the edge will be lifted and I can cut off the persimmons. The binding is stitched back on and I have a new art quilt — Orange Redux.

Franki Kohler, Orange Redux, 31 1/2" x 20", 2014, For SaleI’ve always liked this tree. I think it stands alone quite nicely and I’ll be happy to bring it out of hiding.

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