Precious Metals

I couldn’t resist using the three metals — copper, silver and gold — that I just used for postcards in my next small quilt. I’ve just finished the quilting and I have it prepared to block. Since it’s just 14 inches square right now, it shouldn’t take long to dry.

I’ve already decided that it needs beads. Lots of them. This quilt will be 12″ x 12″ finished.

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  1. maureenc
    maureenc says:

    Beads! Embellishments! Now you’re talking my language! (lol)
    I look forward to viewing the completed work Franki.
    Happy stitching

  2. vivian
    vivian says:

    I don’t ever read much about people blocking small quilts. Am interested in why and how you do it.. Did you used to knit before quilting… is that what inspired you to block your pieces..
    Are you washing your batting before and all your fabrics for shrinkage?
    Make it a great day! vivian

    • frankikohler1
      frankikohler1 says:

      I block everything that will hang on the wall. I want my work to be absolutely straight and lie flat on the wall. I’m not a knitter. I don’t wash my batting before using it but I always wash my fabrics. Check out “Getting the Edge Right” for a bit more detail on how I do my blocking. Thanks for commenting.

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