Storage System for Art Quilts

I have just submitted an entry for an exhibit with my new community of fiber artists. New communities have new ideas about how to do things. The rules can be long and detailed. It can seem overwhelming at first. Is this just a reaction to change? Perhaps. But darn! This is the kind of thing that does nothing to promote my art or spark creativity. Okay, okay. Once the grumbling was done, I saw the wisdom in the system for protecting and identifying art quilts during the submission/return process for exhibits.  In fact, I’ve embraced the system so completely that I’m creating storage bags for all of my pieces.

Right now my art quilts are stored rolled, tied with selvedge strips, hanging slat tucked inside the sleeve. Now I’m creating a bag for each piece like this:  Click on image for larger view.

05-25-16 First bag done

The fabric is a ‘retired’ bed sheet. Here are the steps I did for creating the bag:

  1. Cut fabric 16″ wide;  for the length, cut the width of the piece plus eight inches  (more about this measurement later).
  2. Turn top edge of fabric 1/4″ and stitch.
  3. Position a sandwich bag on the right side of the fabric. Use a zigzag-stitch on the sides and bottom to secure it.
  4. Center a tie on the right side, top edge of the back of the fabric and zigzag-stitch it in place.
  5. Right sides together, stitch a 1/4″ seam for the side and bottom of the bag. Turn right side out.
  6. Insert a printed page with a photograph of the art quilt, title, dimensions, your name and contact information.

The first one is done. Just nine more to go.

05-25-16 Nine to go

I cut all the fabric pieces at one time and assembled the information sheets, sandwich bags and tie supplies. If I had to do this again I would have done one bag to test all my measurements — hence, the suggestion above for a more generous length measurement than I used (five inches). What I have will work but it would be easier with a bit more fabric at the top.

Oh yes, I realize that the image at the top of my posting doesn’t have anything to do with this project but I couldn’t resist sharing what’s happening by the river. I’ll be watching the maturing of those blackberries very closely!

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  1. Aileyn Ecob
    Aileyn Ecob says:

    Franki, That storage idea sounds very good, especially the attached plastic bag with the quilt info and photo. Does your group then enter their quilts in that bag with that info? They would be all ready to go, wouldn’t they! Aileyn

    • Franki Kohler
      Franki Kohler says:

      Yes, Aileyn, this is the system I’ll be using for entering with my local groups. They also jury their shows by viewing the quilts, not just photos. And they have very specific guidelines for the sleeve and the hanging slat. I’ll have to redo sleeves and slats as I enter my work in the future. At least I’m partway there now. Just finished the bags. Hurray!

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